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We would like to announce the first Pharmacy profession Advocacy (PPA) competition from
IPSF. But What is this competition?

Firstly, the aim of the competition is to encourage the pharmacy students as well as young
graduates to share their visions/ideas related to the future of pharmacy profession.
This is via an Essay competition, as the theme of this competition is “The future of pharmacy” As
this theme is quite broad, It has been divided into three subtopics:
1. Innovation in Pharmacy.
This subtopic should include any current or new exciting services, processes or sectors in pharmacy
and the impact of these on the profession and healthcare.
2. Health Technology in Pharmacy
This subtopic should include any current or new technologies that can be used in pharmacy (e.g.
devices, apps, electronics, etc.) and their effects on pharmacy.
3. Future Role of Pharmacists
This topic should include a discussion of the new, exciting roles that pharmacists can play in the
future and the impact these roles may have on pharmacy and the public.
Participants choose one subtopic and build their own essay to spread their ideas and visions to the
future of pharmacy in less than 500 words.

The winner will be certified with an online award from IPSF.
Open call (Competition details and essay tips):

The deadline for the essay is 23:59 GMT+2 3rd February 2018
For Participation kindly contact with your local association Professional Development Chairperson.

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