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The function of the Executive Board shall be to represent the Federation, advance the goals and manage the affairs of the Federation in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and decisions taken by the General Assembly. The Executive Board shall be elected annually by the General Assembly for at least a one year period and shall be accountable to the General Assembly at all times.


 Mr. Mahmoud Anwar
Official E-mail: EPSF.President@gmail.com

The president of EPSF is responsible for representing the Federation on the national, regional and international events and coordinating with allied organizations. Coordinating with executive members and supervising the development and progress and projects and activities. Ensuring sound financial standing and administration in coordination with Treasurer. Following with IPSF members and IPSF Executive Committee through IPSF VIP e-mail group and in coordination with the CP.

Treasurer :

 Ms. Rana Elghool
Official E-mail: EPSF.Treasurer@gmail.com

Controls the federation’s finances and performs all financial transactions, and to ensure that the Federation is run efficiently and caters to the needs of its members. Also, acknowledges receipt of all monies incomes and outcomes for EPSF.

Secretary General:


Mr. Osama Abdelrahman
Official E-mail: EPSF.SecGen@gmail.com

1.Responsible for keeping the EPSF’s Constitutional and administrative system strong and up-to- date. 

2. Provides the other Executive members with information about EPSF Constitution, EPSF Code of Ethics and EPSF Rule Book.

3. Keep records of EPSF events, manage and update EPSF Archives, save the collected history and follow the work of EPSF archive team.

4. Prepare for and help and running EPSF General Assemblies and their stability.

Chairperson of Professional Development:


Ms. Tasneem Mostafa
Official E-mail: EPSF.PD1@gmail.com

1.Responsible for coordinating events for developing the pharmacy practice.

2.Promoting the pharmacist role in the community and improving the quality of the profession through professional events and workshops.

Chairperson of Public Health:


Mr. Hessham Essam
Official E-mail: EPSF.PublicHealth@gmail.com

1. Ensure planning, promotion, improvement, and implementation EPSF Public Health Campaigns and special projects.

2.Dealing and contact with students and professional healthcare bodies and organizations.

3.Promote public health awareness in Egypt and to deliver the concept of pharmacy students’ role to the public.

Chairperson of Continuous Education:


Ms. Fatmalzahraa Mohamed
Official E-mail: EPSF.ContEdu@gmail.com

1.Work for creating educational and research programs which helps pharmacy students in Egypt to fulfill the profession requirements after graduation.

2.In coordination with the Chairpersons of both events, he is responsible for determining the scientific theme and topics of sessions of the Annual Congress and Symposium.

Student Exchange Officer:


Mr. Mahmoud Elnakeeb
Official E-mail: EPSF.SEO@gmail.com

1.Responsible for the smooth running of the Student Exchange Program (SEP) in both outgoing and incoming sides.

2.Putting both training and social programs for SEP incoming students.

3.Making sure the outgoing SEP students are well trained and well aware of EPSF Code of Ethics and regulations to give the best picture about Egypt internationally.

Chairperson of External Relations:


Mr. Mohamed Gmal
Official E-mail: EPSF.ExternalRelations@gmail.com

1.Provides new partnership opportunities with NGOs, governmental organizations and other student organizations.

2.Works on providing companies and organizations to sponsor EPSF.

Chairperson of Internal Relations:


Ms. Gehan Mostafa
Official E-mail: EPSF.InternalRelations@gmail.com

1.Responsible for contacting with local associations and helping them with their internal issues.

2.Represents EPSF in local associations and their universities.

Marketing Director:


Mr. Iad taher
Official E-mail: EPSF.Marketing@gmail.com

1.Provides media coverage for EPSF events and branding for EPSF through newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, etc.

2.In coordination with the President; he represents EPSF in external organizations and conferences that serve the vision and mission of EPSF and works on involving EPSF in them.

3.Responsible for EPSF Magazine and distributing it to external organizations and local associations.

4.Responsible for communication and coordination with Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate for EPSF related matters.

Chairperson of Media and Publications:


Mr. Omar Ewida
Official E-mail: EPSF.Publications@gmail.com

1.Responsible for designing and developing all publication materials of the Federation through knowledge with EPSF theme principle concepts.

2.Continuous updating of the Federation’s website and projects’ web pages in coordination with the IT Coordinator.

3.Responsible about the photographers of the EPSF

Chairperson of Logistics and Organizing:


Mr. Mohamed Mostafa
Official E-mail: EPSF.LOC@gmail.com

1.Responsible for purchasing and storing the logistic materials for the federation and coordinating with the good places for purchasing it.

3.Responsible for the preparation and organizing for the projects and the campaigns.

3.Helping and supervising in the organizing the projects hosted by the LAs as the congress and the symposium.

Contact Person:


Ms. Nada MahdeyDorra
Official E-mail: CP.EPSF@gmail.com

1.Connection between EPSF and IPSF and update the Federation with updates of IPSF.

2.Responsible for making and sending reports of all EPSF and its local associations’ events to be presented in the IPSF World Congress and for the Federation newsletters.

Training Director:


Mr. Islam Khalfallah (Vice President)
Official E-mail: EPSF.TD@gmail.com

Initiates and arranges all EPSF trainings, LIT and EPSF camp.

Immediate Past President:


Mr. Mostafa Montaser 

Acts as an adviser for the Executive Board. 

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